My name is Lynne Tapper and I am the founder of communication coaching.

I am a coach specialising in working with autistic people and the key people in their lives. I work to help build bridges between autistic children and their families, autistic adults and their partners, autistic employees and their colleagues.

Challenges with understanding other people’s differences can create barriers and I like to work with people to help them knock these barriers down.

As a qualified and accredited coach, I work with people to help them develop their personal and professional goals.  I work with clients who may be feeling overwhelmed as they approach a new phase in life or who feel a bit stuck and want the opportunity to have some dedicated thinking space to explore what their next step could be.

I am a Speech and Language Therapist with over 25 years of experience working in the NHS.  Early on in my career, I recognised the effectiveness of using a therapeutic approach which enabled people to identify and set specific personalised goals and the actions required to achieve these. I have attended various courses in order to develop my approach including solution-focused therapy, motivational interviewing, using Socratic questioning, building clients self-esteem, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

 I specialise in working with:

  • young people and adults who are autistic (level 1 & 2)
  • people navigating transition points e.g. leaving home, starting university, starting a new role, starting to date, becoming a parent.
  • parents of autistic children who want their children to grow up feeling good about themselves.
  • employers who recognise the need to adapt their management to meet the needs of autistic employees.
  • school-based groups for young people wishing to develop social confidence and skills.

I use a coaching approach to help people to:

  • Reflect on their current situation.
  • Identify why, when and where they are experiencing difficulties and success
  • Explore options for making life work better
  • Select which options will work best for them
  • Put these options into practice through skill-building and detailed action planning
  • Keep on track using agreed review processes

I understand that being autistic in a world where the majority of people are not autistic can be a challenge.  I work with people to help them develop the self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-regulation they need to successfully navigate life.

Prior to the pandemic, I worked with clients in person at The Orchard Therapy Centre in Horsforth, Leeds. For more information about this venue please visit

I am now working remotely using zoom for clients for whom this works.

If you’re interested in having some coaching please get in touch to see if I can help  – I’d love to hear from you.