Gold Mind Testimonials

The following are comments made by parents who have attended our 6 week online group coaching course for parents of autistic children and teenagers.

“I’ve learned that I have the freedom, and the tools within, to parent consciously in the way I choose to, rather than defaulting to fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants parenting that does not serve me, or my children, well. Sometimes it takes just a little space and focussed reflection time to remind myself of this and for me, this direct firsthand experience is much more powerful than reading 100 parenting books or blogs.”

“This course has been a fundamentally uplifting and positive experience :)”

“The best thing I’ve done for parenting! Genuinely strengthened my understanding and abilities as a parent (and person, and manager.) “

“A safe, productive, and encouraging space in which to hone parental coaching skills & gain a greater / deeper understanding of autism/neurodiversity.”

“It is easy in some groups for people to “go off on one” with their life story and tales of woe – not the case here – I felt that contributions were well-focused/-managed which made them a greater learning opportunity for others. Some of my biggest insights have come from questions I’ve asked of myself following something someone else has said.”

“I particularly liked the fact that, right from the off, you talked about differences in a positive way, and set out to include a diverse selection of people”

“It was an extremely intense experience for me both mentally and emotionally. I had somewhat of a transformative shift in finally feeling ready to accept my own autism & sensory needs (although I am as yet undiagnosed). I learned a lot and found the group absolutely lovely & incredibly supportive. I’m profoundly grateful to you all.”