What people say about my work.

The coaching I have received from Lynne has been life-changing. It’s allowed me to truly understand myself and learn to accept and love who I am. The coaching sessions have helped me understand my strengths, the way I handle situations, make positive changes to my routines, and how to be the best version of myself. I can’t thank Lynne enough for all her help.

Rebecca, ADHD Adult

I am a professional who has recently been diagnosed with ADHD/ASD and I wanted to find out more about what that means for me and how to navigate my professional and personal life. I have been working with Lynne for the past six months and the experience was eye-opening. I have just received great feedback at work that could lead to a promotion and my personal life and relationships have improved a lot. Also, I am feeling much more content and at peace with myself.”

Lucia, AuADHD Adult

The sessions with Lynne were nothing short of transformative. They have given me a much better understanding of how my autism affects many aspects of my work and has provided me with tools/strategies to manage this. I still have a lot of work to do to break the habits of a lifetime but I’m already very pleased with the progress I’ve made. My stress levels are generally much lower than they used to be. I can’t thank Lynne enough.

Frank, Autistic Adult

“I know that my daughter has really benefitted from your sessions and I am hopeful that your technique will give her greater resilience in the future.  I sincerely appreciate the help you have provided.”

Parent of a year 12 student

“Working with Lynne has been life-changing, I suppose.”

Alex, young autistic adult

I found the space that Lynne held and her responsiveness to my thoughts and feelings, so helpful. Our time together made me feel hopeful and opened up possibilities and more to ponder. 

Hannah, Parent of an autistic child

Lynne’s coaching session was invaluable. Her questions brought clarity to a challenging decision about secondary school transition. I am very grateful.

Ceri, Parent of an autistic child.

I always leave Lynne’s coaching sessions with clarity on the next steps I need to take to work through a task or issue. The sessions are always relevant, and it’s great to have someone to work through questions with. I would highly recommend Lynne as a coach.

Lauren, Student